From our Toy War Correspondent

Our blog photographer in action: Taking the portrait photographs for our Lost Legions:  Beachcombing feature.

Words on our ManofTin blog are of course typed by our tin hatted war correspondent, but first scribbled in his notebook by pencil.

I have always liked this workaday clerkish Airfix figure. Turn him around though and his Stengun may prove to be “mightier than the word.”


Photographs on this Man of Tin blog are of course all taken by this dandy fellow with the very latest equipment!

(Painted from a Tradition 54mm Matthew Brady casting by Man of TIN).


As a child, one of my treasured type of figures would be the rare radio man if luckily present in each toy soldier set.

These tiny radio figures would be able to form part of three man patrols (including a guard and an observer / someone with binoculars) regularly mounted and replaced  in the flower bed jungles and keeping  in constant radio contact with base / HQ (me!) Advance guards, forward observers and early warning all in one!

Getting the news back fast to Man of Tin blog HQ / Basecamp: officer and red coat radio telephone man both from pound store warriors (Painted: Man of TIN).

Man of TIN blog, brought to you in words and pictures by our brave and tiny toy war correspondents.

Posted on their behalf by Mr MIN, Man of TIN, June 2016.