Poundstore Para Dice

Do you have favourite dice?

Donald Featherstone had lucky dice that are now presented as part of the annual  Featherstone trophy.

You can spend a fortune on dice in gaming shops. Sometimes I come across some useful cheap and colourful dice that save you lots of cash to spend on figures.

Dice £1 a pack from Tiger stores on the high street.

Having a range of colourful dice is useful as you can distinguish different figures from each other in melee and decision making dice.

I prefer standard D6 type of 6 sided dice. Some old dice become real favourites, long used; the weirdly shaped Dungeons and Dragons dice do little for me. Each to their dice own!

A mixture of well  used dice including the hand numbered dice made as a child; the D & D dice are rarely used, a present from the early eighties.
One day I will understand these rules and love these dice ( but not yet) …

posted by Mr MIN Man of TIN, June 2016.