Gilt Finish Terracotta Warrior



This Terracotta Army  Chinese warrior came from an  unlikely pound store source of a local Spar shop a few years ago, embedded in a block of plaster like those ‘dig your own dino’ gifts.

In these blind bags you had no idea if you were going to get a warrior, a horse or what inside the plaster block.

What I like about this figure, once excavated, is the black undercoat with simple gilt finish. A quick and simple  to try on smaller plastic or pound store figures maybe?

I wrote about quick gilt finishes and pewter effects on homecast figures in a previous blog:

The figures are about 50mm high, so almost 1:32 scale and would make an interesting figure for various games.

The figure  would look good painted up as a space emperor – Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon?  They also have a slightly automata robotic look about them. These figures have no weapons.

Similar terracotta army figures can be made in silicon cake moulds using Fimo or other mould materials; look on Etsy or EBay for example at


The Terracotta Army Chinese Horse figure also surfaced in my sometimes chaotic collection recently again showing the black and gilt paint finish.



If you want to build up a Chinese Terracotta Army in tiny plastic  you could of course bulk buy on a retail scale,  minimum order only 10,000 pieces,  here is the current link:

Happy painting! Happy excavating!

Blog posted by Mr MIN, Man of TIN, July 2016