My favourite Peter Laing figure?


imagePossibly my favourite of Peter Laing’s 15mm figures, this is the dismounted Dragoon firing (figure F515) from his English Civil War range.


I’m not entirely sure why it’s probably my favourite Peter Laing figure (at least of the non marching advancing figures). Is it the colour scheme or the slightly independent elite status of dragoons?

Anyone else got a favourite (Peter Laing)  gaming figure?

I’m not suggesting however that we start a Peter Laing “guess my  favourite figure” charades competition as some gamers allegedly do for Airfix figures, according to reliable sources in Harry Pearson’s autobiography  Achtung Schweinhund! That would be little too niche …


I have a few spare unpainted ones of these figures already destined to become 7th Cavalry or dismounted Union Cavalry in a very different Civil War, so will see how that paint conversion works out.

Happy gaming!

Posted by Mr. MIN, Man of TIN, 1st August 2016.

Peter Laing “PL P.S.” postscript

Lovely to hear from several Peter Laing fans and Bloggers on favourite figures – both John The Wargames Hermit and Ian Dury liked Peter’s Late Victorian Parade figures, bicyclists and goose stepping figures.

Ian Dury sent me this picture of his favourites. Thanks Ian for sharing these:

Peter Laing enthusiast Ian Dury’s favourite goose-stepping Prussian figures from his 19th Century collection, beautifully painted.  (Photo: Ian Dury)



7 thoughts on “My favourite Peter Laing figure?”

  1. In the same spirit, my personal favourite(s) are the goose-stepping Prussian Infantry in Peter’s Victorian Parade range – I will send you a picture


    1. Hello Ian,
      As I mentioned to John the Wargames Hermit, I wish I’d bought the Victorian Parade series too. I look forward to seeing a picture of these tiny goose-stepping Prussians. Thanks for sharing your favourite(s). Best wishes Mark, Man of TIN.


  2. It’s hard to pick a favorite, although I must admit that the Victorian Parade British bicycle rider is one figure I would like to have more of. While working on some ECW figures, I came across two of the ECW dragoons and would like to have more, so I could use them in a King Philips War game.


    1. Hello John,
      Re your favourite figure suggestions or ones you wish you’d bought more of-
      The Victorian Parade series are ones which I wish I had bought too!
      Hopefully with your casting skills you can make some more ECW dragoons ? I should imagine recasting bicycles is trickier! I’m very fond of the WW1 Despatch Rider I have.
      Thanks for sharing
      Mark, Mr MIN Man of TIN


  3. Marvellous stuff. I have just followed the advice of the wonderful Mr Hermit to your site. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hello Chris,
      Welcome to the Man of TIN blog, I hope you find some things of interest here on past and future blogposts, just as I have from The Wargames Hermit site.
      Mark, Man Of TIN


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