Peter Laing 15mm blog photographer

Following up my “favourite Peter Laing figure?” Blogpost,  I asked knowledgeable enthusiast  Ian Dury about 15mm Peter Laing figures  whether Peter Laing had ever made a 15mm photographer figure, knowing how much Ian and others liked his Victorian Parade Range.

As far as Ian was aware, Peter Laing hadn’t made such a figure, so the natural thing to do was a quick conversion.

Peter Laing tiny 15mm photographer conversion with Northern infantry in the background beyond the bridge. (Photograph / figures/ Man of TIN)

A colonial British infantry heliograph operator in pith or foreign service helmet  (A605) made a good basic figure for a photographer with his tripod. The addition of a tiny black plastic Qixel cube or square bead roughed in for the clunky camera or early cine film apparatus. Until I find a smaller cube, it’ll do.

I let this tiny ‘blogs of war’ photographer loose on the my portable game board  ‘battlefield’ of an impending North / South skirmish to take the combatant’s pictures. I think some time travel will be required if he is to document other such skirmishes.

Our tiny 15mm Peter Laing blog photographer focuses in on Southern troops (F3009) advancing, led by a scratch-built Fimo polymer clay standard bearer with his home spun Southern flag. (Pictures / figures: Man of TIN)
Our tiny photographer captures this image of Butternut Southern infantry (F3010) heading into action. The famous Peter Lang sheep can be seen in the background near the Northern infantry.  (Photograph: Man of TIN blog staff photographer)


And again in colour …

More pictures of my newly painted and based Northern and Southern / Blue and Grey infantry on my next blog post.

Posted by Mr MIN, Man of TIN, August 2016.


4 thoughts on “Peter Laing 15mm blog photographer”

    1. Every parade needs its photographer! Its cinematographer!

      Amazing to have not only photography in the field from Crimea and the American Civil War onwards with amazing photography waggons and mobile studios but astonished to have seen fragments of film from the Boer War, Victoria’s funeral (and maybe even the 1897 jubilee?)

      Very glad you liked the conversion.

      Filming on both sides – possibly this photographer is a spy?

      Mr MIN Man of TIN


  1. Your blog is truly inspirational! I haven’t had the nerve to do conversions with my Peter Laing figures. Hopefully you will do a battle report of your ACW skirmish. I always enjoy other people’s battle reports, especially when they use Peter Laing figures. I am leaning to start doing some skirmish games; I have pulled out my PL ACW figures with the goal to base them. Being about half way through “To Face the Daring Maoris” I don’t know if I will do the Maori War (the book is about the First Maori War) where I could use my Crimean British, or the ACW.


    1. Hello John
      Glad you liked the conversion, just a square Qixel bead and a blob of glue but I’m very pleased with his Little Wars-ness. Both your Maori and the ACW game ideas sound interesting.

      I’m looking forward to the ACW skirmish, having been waiting to get time to paint and base them since Christmas, having put them away for Christmas mid last year. It’s been a long time coming!

      The hexboard lid(s) were a real swine to fit the hexes into the wooden rectangle shape of the box lid to fit the pattern of the randomly generated terrain map this time, so I might leave this board terrain in place for several skirmish games including my small Peter Laing WW2 Platoon level game using the Close Wars rules updated. I’ll post it all on the blog over the next few weeks, along with how the portable boards are working out in case it is of any interest to you.
      I’m looking forward to reading more of your many years of blog posts for some more good ideas.
      Mr MIN, Man of TIN!


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