Toy Soldiers in Adverts # 1

Not sure of any maker but a traditional toy soldier is here used to advertise Talk Talk’s security features protecting the family and home c. 2011? 
Talk Talk advert 
Slightly more Nutcracker / Danish type guardsman for this past Talk Talk advert UK c. 2011?

In no way do I endorse these product and or companies, I merely found the toy soldier aspects of the advert interesting. They are a few scraps from my toy soldier scrapbook.

In view of fears over hacking and cyber security, this traditional familiar childhood toy guardsman is supposed to be reassuring.



Slightly more modern, a moisturising tank and the toy soldier as guardians of your immune system. “A strong immune system is your best line of defence.”  This advert features one of my favourite pound store plastic warriors in front of the Aloe Vera  tank!

Posted by Mark, Man of TIN blog.

2 thoughts on “Toy Soldiers in Adverts # 1”

  1. Interesting to see. I guess they also tap into the nostalgia market too. Be nice to see them feature in one of the big , eagerly awaited adverts of folk like M&S. I wonder also if there is a link subconsciously to the Hans Christian Anderson story and the toy soldier as symbol of fidelity.


  2. I agree Alan, I think you’re right about the symbol of fidelity. Even the white cross belts etc suggest that they are a mix of British guardsman and Danish life guards, so I think there are echoes of Anderson’s Steadfast Tin Soldier here.
    One day, one glorious day, the Tiny Men will have their M&S style Christmas moment I’m sure ….
    Mark, Man of TIN blog


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