Happy Christmas from the Man of TIN!

A very Happy Christmas from the Man of TIN blog. 

A very Happy Christmas and Happy Blogmas from the Man of TIN blog!

I have really enjoyed seeing all the Christmas greetings and parades on different blog sites for toy soldiers and wargames.

So begins my first blogging Christmas, or Blogmas,  a new Christmas Tradition for the Man of TIN blog –  the Christmas parade or photo.

The Christmas photo cast 

I always like to know what or whose figures are shown in photos, it’s a great way to discover new ranges or ideas for figures that you already have.

Figures are all 54mm and come from a wide range of sources.

There are two 54mm Prince August castings that I made or home-cast using their Trdaitional Toy Soldier moulds to make the Policeman and saluting Guardsman (our Man of TIN gravatar). Both were originally made by me as family gifts as brooches with brooch backs.

The lady with an armful of presents is an odd resin ready painted Christmas village figure from The Christmas Shop open all year round in Bath.

The bowler hatted man is Dr. Watson, bought as an unpainted casting from Tradition of London. The dog is from the Tradition Victorian streets range.

The children are from the beautifully painted metal Imperial Productions of New Zealand ‘Town and Around’ Range Set no. 29 Letter to Santa (girl and postbox) and Set No. 35 Yuletide (children with presents and wreath for the door). The postman came from the same shop, the friendly team at the Guards Model Soldier Centre in London at the Guards Museum near Buckingham Palace.

I can’t remember where the lovely street and house scene is from, probably the Guards Model Soldier Centre as they have a whole street display of them in their parade cabinets.

A light dusting for a few moments scatter from a flour shaker and a quick grinding of salt for shiny snowy … then swept away after the photo. A white felt background behind the house.

I tried out various lighting options including battery led candles, then played around with in Apple /Mac/ IPad photo editing programmes.

Black and white street snowy scene. 

I had some fun playing around with LED battery candle light but this made the photo very grainy.

Candle lit Street  scene at night. Is that Moriarty lurking to the left? Help is at hand in the foreground …
The same scene rendered into blurry Victorian photograph or newspaper print. Sherlock Holmes has crept into the foreground, another Tradition figure. 

Sherlock and Moriarty, bought as unpainted Tradition castings, have snuck in …

A very Happy Blogmas and Happy Christmas. I look forward to another year, a  New Year of reading a wide range of  toy soldier and gaming blogs, writing new blogpost, receiving comments  and all the chat.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and read and commented on Man of TIN blog and our sister site of Pound Store Plastic Warriors.

Posted by Mark, Man of TIN blog, Christmas Eve 2016.

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