Toy Soldier Scrap Book

Edwardian or WW1 scraps from an old postcard scraps book in my collection. The uniform looks WW1, the gun more like the riveted traditional toy soldier  Boer war naval gun.


Further scraps
My favourite tiny scrap of the whole book, these charming toy soldiers. 
Review Hyde Park reads the wall poster – soldier boys in this Victorian or Edwardian scrap.
WW1 type costume for dressing up, some delightful wooden toy soldiers and  a scrap of Victorian general Lord Chelmsford. 
A delightful close up of one of the wooden toy soldiers. 
Another Victorian hero General Sir Garnet Wolseley, kilted boy soldier costume  drumming and a naval rating doll.
Another lovely scrap – Late Victorian or Edwardian scrap of early toy soldiers and toy fort, including an unusual flag. Sadly with some enthusiastic pencil scribbling that could be carefully removed.
More child marching band scraps to match the kilted drummer boy. 
The post card album is anonymous. A little pencil inscription on the first page beginning Mon Cherie …

Some of the other non-military scraps are interesting too. A colourful group of street scenes such as this railway scrap …

Victorian or Edwardian train guard. 
A close up of these Victorian newsboys 
Another little vignette, a shoeshine boy near The Monument in London. 

Some of the scraps are quite large scenes, including this military grouping of Tussauds waxworks.

Napoleon and General Gordon amongst the historical figures … 
Yachting on the Round Pond …
A much later press cutting in the back of the scrapbook from around 1945.

As with many scrapbooks, there is a strange reuse or later entry in the form of this World War 2 Royal Marines press cutting, talking about return from the recent fighting alongside Dutch troops in Holland.

Not knowing who the postcard album belonged to, I have no idea how this cutting is connected to the rest of the album.

Another curious addition included in this album when I bought it is this hand drawn silhouette titled ‘Welcome Home’.

An interesting little album …