‘Soldiering On’ wargames poem by Elvis Mcgonagall 2007

Elvis Macgonagall poem, Saturday Live Programme, Radio 4, 30 June 2007

A friend of mine who knows I collect Toy Soldiers passed me this Elvis McGonagall improvised performance poem about toy soldier collectors and wargamers.

I think I like the first four lines or maybe the fourth line best “(despite his creaky knees)”

Elvis McGonagall is a Scottish poet and stand-up comedian, notable for poetry slam performances and performance poems.

It came from the programme website of Saturday Live Radio 4 broadcast with Fi Glover, archived here


It mentions the outgoing PM Tony Blair in a hawkish connection and was obviously written around the time of Harry Pearson’s Achtung Schweinhund being published, as he is interviewed on the programme.

On some devices that run .ram files you can hear the archived Harry Pearson “Secret Lives” section interview that inspired the improvised / spontaneous poem and Elvis’ performance of this poem.

The Soldiering On poem is archived on the BBC radio Saturday Live website Elvis Mcgonagall poems for  30 June 2007


but haven’t found it anywhere else including on Elvis’ website  http://www.elvismcgonagall.co.uk


Despite his creaky knees …

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN blog.


2 thoughts on “‘Soldiering On’ wargames poem by Elvis Mcgonagall 2007”

    1. Tony
      I have it posted up inside my Games cupboard and the opening section still makes me laugh especially the creaky knees and ‘battle of the bulge’ bit.
      If you can play .RAM files available on the BBC link you can hear the Harry Pearson short interview and hear Elvis McGonagall perform this poem.
      Mark Man of TIN


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