Pound Store Transport


A cross posting from our sister blog site Pound Store Plastic Warriors https://poundstoreplasticwarriors.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/pound-shop-transport-for-pound-store-figures/

posted by Mark, Man of TIN blog.

2 thoughts on “Pound Store Transport”

  1. Hi Mark,I have a question – do you do much metal casting and soldering of figure bits and pieces? I have some of my own moulds but never learnt how to solder on arms etc but would like to learn. James 


    1. James
      I don’t have a soldering iron yet and obviously there is a risk of melting your casting! I rely on drilling and glueing. I’m sure somebody else on Little Wars Revisited 54mm probaords forum or the Funny Little Wars Yahoo group might know.
      It is something I am interested in getting in the future.
      Mark, Man of TIN blog


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