Help with figure ID?


Through my blog contact or comments,  Piotr Crass has asked me for help identifying this “old American civil war type figure”. It looks flat or semi flat to me and possibly homecast? If anyone can help Piotr or suggest good ID sites for him to contact, please contact  piotrcrass who is @ or at   The figure can further be seen at imgur

Many thanks, Mark, Man of TIN blog.

3 thoughts on “Help with figure ID?”

  1. I have a couple of old Tootsietoy toy soldiers, however, they are wearing a helmet, the kind worn in WW1. They look similar to your figure. I will try to find one and try to match up (no pun intended) to your figure.


      1. I looked up Tootsietoy in one of my toy soldier books. According to the book, Tootsietoy soldiers were 35mm tall. I found one of my Tootsietoy figures; the pose was quite different than the figure you have. I have been trying to find my copy of Opie’s Collecting Toy Soldiers, but can’t find it. It does have the look of an old home cast.


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