May 25th 2017 my 1st Blogaversary!


Marche ou Creve! Peter Laing 15mm French Foreign Legion advancing (F651) around old dead tree hexes, relics from former gardens. Initially the sand was too damp and did not take well to PVA first time around so will need to be redone. Heroscape hexes.

Happy Blogavesary to Me! Happy Blogaversary to You! 

May 25th 2016 was my the date of my first Man of TIN blogpost, all about Pound Store Warriors.

A few months later Pound Store Plastic Warriors was created in 6th September 2016 as a separate sister blogsite 

It seems much more than a year.

It has been a brilliant first year. Having the blog, especially for a solo gamer, encourages you to finish stuff off, get it photographed and written up to share with others.

It’s an online diary, bullet journal, declaration of intent or New Gaming Year’s resolutions in public. It’s my reading journal, book  and figure review column.

Lone Warrior in the pine woods – 15mm Peter Laing Boer advancing rifle at trail (F622) moving through my freshly flocked and fixed “impassable” forest hexagons.

For example, having posted and photographed about  my Bronte inspired skirmish in Angria this weekend, I noticed that these faded old plastic fir trees worked well enough centred on a hex (albeit attached with white tack). I have had these bashed old trees since childhood. So this week I “F and B’d” them – Flocked and Based –  them.

They should continue to work well for my Close Little Wars forest skirmish rules based on Donald Featherstone’s two page appendix to his 1962 book War Games.

Before …  fir trees hastily tacked on to a hex. Ashantee archer warriors attack Angrian infantry and dragoons.

What have I enjoyed about Blogging?

Blogging is  like an online wargaming club or convention  and a free gaming magazine, available more than monthly. I check some ‘portal’ and my blogroll sites quite often daily. In fact, my irregular consumption of gaming magazines has dropped even further. I find now when I flick through the magazines in W.H. Smith’s, that I can find much of this inspiration and advice online.

Mountaineering and fighting in the pine forests, feather in cap, 15mm Peter Laing Italian Alpini Infantry advancing warily (F722?) from his First World War range.

I wonder if blogging this year has taken up valuable time for gaming?

Possibly not, as I think becoming part of the blogging community as a reader or a blogger encourages you to try new things, learn new tips or rediscover old figures. It also encourages you to go completely off at a bizarre tangent like a war games butterfly in search of the new,  colourful or shiny. Whoops!

Repair and repaint back to box fresh and shiny for these Homecast and Hollowcast figures.

Thanks to all who have stopped by and read my blog in its first year, taken time to “like”  a post or have written a positive comment.  I’ve really enjoyed replying, whether it has been chatting to fellow Peter Laing figure collectors, Donald Featherstone rules enthusiasts, getting tips on repairing old bashed Britain’s 54mm toy soldiers or being in contact with people who wrote inspiring articles in the games magazines of my childhood. An enduring hobby indeed!

Thanks to all those who have signed up as followers or posted a link to my blog on their sites. It is really appreciated – I can see this works in the “referrer” blog stats. Cheers!

Pound Store Plastic Warriors given the glossy toy soldier treatment, May 2016.

I don’t put much store by checking blog stats regularly  but for my 125 blog posts in 365 days (blimey! that’s almost one post every three days on average), over four thousand readers have stopped by once or more, leading to almost eleven thousand views from 75  different countries. Most of my blog readers are from the UK and the USA but there are also regular readers from  Ireland, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, (Flanders) France and Spain. (“Over the hills and far away …”)

My occasional “little sister” blog to this one, Pound Store Plastic Warriors since September 2016 has itself  attracted over 400 readers, and 1000 views.

So to James, John, Ian, Bob, Alan, Ross, Tony, Jon and many other readers  … thanks!

Here’s another year of homecast or homemade figures, solo gaming, toy soldier repair, pound store plastics, portable game boards, flocking and basing, bizarre tangents, Donald Featherstone, vintage Airfix, Peter Laing figures and making the most of the stock in hand.

Here’s to some fine weather for back garden games and skirmishes in the sandpit.

Here’s to another year puzzling out the fictional Imagi-Nations of the Brontes!


Maybe I should have had a First Blogaversary cake made? Topped of course with homemade Fimo Polymer Clay “cakes of death” cake decoration mould soldiers. Huzzah!


Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, 25 May 2017 my first Blogaversary! Huzzah!


16 thoughts on “May 25th 2017 my 1st Blogaversary!”

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    – and long may your blogging continue – I always enjoy reading your posts – and seeing the Peter Laing figures on that Heroscape terrain is an added bonus


  2. Congratulations on your first year anniversary. I find your blog truly inspiring. Every time I see your Hero scape terrain It makes me want to get mine out. Thank you for showing the Peter Laing Foreign Legion figures. Those are some I don’t have. I have some Arabs and have wanted to do a Foreign Legion game. I plan to convert some of my W W 1 French into Legionaires.


    1. John Patriquin I have enjoyed your Peter Laing / Heroscape blogposts. I think the early WW1 kepi greatcoat French should convert well into FFL. As I have no Arabs at the moment, these FFL will be fighting a variety of Ancient Egyptians and other Ancient Warriors! I plan to renovate my Airfix Desert Fort later this year for these FFL figure games.
      Mark, Man of TIN


    1. Thanks Brian – it has been amazing to finally catch up and e-chat with the author of that Big Wars article on 54mm figure games that I enjoyed reading back in 1983. What a lifelong hobby indeed!
      Mark, Man of TIN


  3. Give you joy of your first year! I really enjoy reading your blogs and have been inspired,entertained and much more by them. I was even demonstrating some bartitsu moves with a brolly to my daughters the other day in the kitchen. Something for everyone.


    1. Alan
      First year down, here’s to the terrible twos, but I have lots of games plans and figure painting forthcoming to see me through my second year.

      Glad you enjoyed the Bartitsu section. The Bartitsu website is very comprehensive and fascinating – your daughters will no doubt enjoy the Suffrajitzu sections. Many women were involved in its early days. The steampunk umbrella duelling ladies section looks pretty dangerous without suitable guards on the spiked bits, there is a medical paper on umbrella duelling injuries! Not forgetting how a lady can use her bicycle as a defensive weapon …

      It sounds like you were channeling your inner John Steed with your brolly (or maybe even Adam Adamant – I’ve been rewatching these on YouTube for a future blogpost).
      Best wishes to you all,
      Mark, Man of TIN


  4. Congratulations on your first year Mark. I love popping in to your blog to see what’s new. There is always something that inspires me. Thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to your next adventures.


  5. Congratulations on Year One and may there be many more. For me, the “blogosphere” is one of those “the more you give, the more you get things” so here’s to many more posts.


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