More seaside Pound Store plastic warriors


More joy of seaside plastic tat at 50p a box for 30 54mm-ish figures at my sister blog Pound Store Plastic Warriors:

I see for my backyard  Imagi-Nation games some figures who could be Space Marines, US style paratroopers etc.

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN blog, 30 May 2017.

4 thoughts on “More seaside Pound Store plastic warriors”

  1. They are rather nice looking figures, which I have not seen before. I am sure that they would look even better with a bit of paint applied. I do wonder about these pound store figures as to how long they will last. I recall buying a couple of sets of Japanese and Russian 1/72 scale figures that were downsized from the Airfix 1/32 sets. My plan was to paint them at some point. A few years later I dug them out to discover that most had crumbled to dust!. I look forward to see what you eventually do with these and I will keep an eye open for them in the shops too.


    1. Bob
      I think this too about plastic figures in general as some of our family Airfix figures and other 60s plastics from my childhood slowly crumble and snap – a problem with the chalk and plasticiser mix becoming brittle. But at 50p a box …
      Mark, Man of TIN blog


  2. The durability of plastic seems to vary widely. Strangely, 60s Hong Kong seem to have lasted better than made in England plastics.

    By the way, these modern troops seem to be nicely sculpted.


    1. It varies greatly within the Airfix range as to which sets are more brittle – some Crescent plastics always seem quite brittle. Early Spencer Smith horses too. Partly it seems to vary with whether you painted and varnished them or not? There is something about this in Peter Cole’s Suspended Animation history of Britain’s and Herald plastics. I think chalk partly helped with paint adhesion for some firms? Mark, Man of TIN.


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