Blowing Up Desert Trains


peter laing
Fighting over the railway tracks with bayonets … Peter Laing 15mm figures


My 15mm Peter Laing figures have been fighting a WW1 / colonial skirmish around a blocked railway bridge and halted desert train.

This has been written up on my railway and  gaming related occasional blog Sidetracked.

All of this was inspired by a photo in a post on Chris Kemp’s Not Quite Mechanised website about Lawrence of Arabia and the Hejaz Railway.

This short evening solo game, played 1 figure = 1 man, was a good chance to explore using  a larger gaming space on my larger 192 Hexes of Joy gaming board, featured in previous blogposts.

This scenario also proved an interesting parallel to my recent Vintage Airfix ACW Railway crossing game.


My 192 Hexes Of Joy seen from above before even more pinky desert loveliness was added.


Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 5 August 2017.

2 thoughts on “Blowing Up Desert Trains”

  1. I’ve fallen behind with reading wargaming blogs recently. I love the looks of your new Heroscape board. You seem to have the perfect blend of Peter Laings and Heroscape. I must study your pictures and try to emulate (in other words, copy) your setup.


    1. John, good to hear from you and glad that you liked the posts.
      The new 192 Hex board board opens up lots of new possibilities and I have yet to work out how to link this board up during a game to my other two small portable box lid boards if needed (to make 300 hexes). Bigger table may be needed! It may also be better to keep these for separate small skirmish scenarios. The Heroscape hexes seem to suit 15mm and 20mm Airfix well.
      Mark, Man of TIN blog


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