In a tiny wartime French village


In  a wartime French village, shots ring out as the defending troops rush from house to house.


In a previous blogpost I explored the world of Gault buildings and Peter Laing WW2 15mm figures.

I mentioned that I would try the buildings out with the few 4 or 5 10mm WW2 German and American figures that turned up in a job lot of 15mm figures.

In beautiful sun washed colour … past the Boulangerie and La Vielle Auberge. A sniper lurk somewhere on the first floor balcony of the bakery.

I am not aware of the name of  the maker of these tiny figures. They have the slim tiny look of early series 1 Airfix figures.

A skirmish with only two or three figures a side does not take long!

You can read more about the Gault Buildings and compare their use with Peter Laing  15mm figures. Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, September 2017

4 thoughts on “In a tiny wartime French village”

  1. I have long heard of Jack Scruby but not of his N Guage range. They came in a mixed makers 15mm 1lb for ‘lead scrap’ bag of figures and are c. 10mm and very slim or slender. 10mm is not a bad size or scale for WW2 with realistic modern weapon ranges if you don’t want to scale down to 5/6mm 1:300 figures. I have a few N Guage railway figures somewhere and I will compare them. Hopefully somebody will be able to compare and confirm ID but I have at present no intention of starting out in yet another scale! Best wishes Mark Man of TIN


  2. I was thinking Jack Scruby N gauge myself. They currently only list British, US and Africa Korps and your Germans show a prone figure (not currently listed) and look like they have European uniforms with high boots. If they are Jack Scruby, they will be older production. Mike Taber from Historifigs could probably identify. I like Scruby N gauge and used to have several 30yr war figures. To my mind, they are probably the best 10mm figures. They should be 11mm to the top of the head 1:160 scale. They would be my choice for Ww2 games.


  3. Thanks Jon (and Ian) for the suggestion – I looked up one Historifigs site and the range sounds about right. Intriguingly limited range, a little like the Peter Laing WW2 limited range. Mark Man of TIN


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