Poundland Plastic Toy Soldier Bowl by the Crafty Beggars

Flip through the Poundland Crafty Beggars video to number 3 of 5 where you will find …

Sacriledge! Melting Poundland’s finest pound store plastic warriors in the oven to make a Fathers Day Gift toy soldier bowl.

NOOOO!!!! Don’t do this!

Just give your gaffer, your father or other male relative  the  box or bag of unmelted toy soldiers instead! Paint them up a bit for him. Offer him a game with them. He will be much happier with this.



My favourite pose of the Poundland penny soldiers £1 a tub or bag 


In case you are curious, the figures they are using are Poundland’s finest £1 for 100 soldiers per bag or tub. https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/more-pound-store-warriors/


knights .jpg

They also show the ancient warriors set being partly melted down into a bowl (including the waggon and wheels in the set) featured here:


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