Poundland Space Marines on Parade


Crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog  another finished conversion project of these Poundland 36mm   “Penny Dreadful” figures. More at:


Lots more Pound Store figure projects completed this weekend!

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 5 November 2017

8 thoughts on “Poundland Space Marines on Parade”

  1. They look good. The Orange works OK as an enemy but I thonk you good get away with a olive or light greenish colour flesh as aliens.
    Do the tubs contain any of the bazooka anf machine gun figures?


    1. Thanks Ross, I was thinking Orange as Flash Gordon / Star Wars rebel pilot type thing. Black and white for some sturm troopers, etc. Green faced Dan Dare aliens are another possibility. The Poundland tubs do contain bazooka and MG figures which are other steampunk space marine possibilities. In brass with cogs on naturally …
      Mark Man of TIN


    1. Interesting idea, MJT Jack, I haven’t even thought about terrain or vehicles, not being a fantasy or sci-fi gamer but this set of ‘space’ figures is what jumped out at me when looking at them. I know there are lots of online sci-fi scratchbuild, plant and terrain ideas that might suit Heroscape or a Games cloth. Mark, Man of TIN


  2. I would be tempted to paint them as the aliens from Gerry Anderson’s UFO. Perhaps with a blob of miliput over the face, painted glossy green (visor). I have a bunch of these models so I have an incentive to try this out. Of course, what to do with the stupid, “guy shooting in the air” I don’t know. AA perhaps?

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