Pound Store 42mm plastic toy soldiers


Crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog, another batch of plastic pound store figures given the Toy Soldier paint treatment:


Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN blog 10 November 2017

2 thoughts on “Pound Store 42mm plastic toy soldiers”

    1. Hello CT
      Hope your 40/42mm plans are progressing well.

      I have some 40mm Pound Store stuff (mostly plastic pound store character pieces) very very slowly progressing along on the painting table but well behind a logjam of Broken Britains Indians and Zulus nearly complete 54mm native small skirmish forces. Bit of a scale butterfly at present.

      The pound store 40/42mm plastic Bluecoat and Redcoat Infantry crop up here in this post testing magnetic bases and will soon reappear in the next few weeks in Pound Store amphibious landing capability! https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/05/flying-tiger-palm-trees/

      The metal 40mm Wild West figures from Prince August mould are awaiting my next casting session. Picked up a couple of 40mm battered B and T Indians (1950s) and have yet to provide an opposition for my British rifle platoon / squad of WW2 Irregular Miniatures 42mm. Possibly some Pound Store Germans, possibly some Operation Sealion type German troops or paratroopers etc. from Irregular – over time but Not cheap!

      Avoiding 28mm. Woefully neglecting my 15mm Peter Laing figures. Never enough gaming time.
      Best wishes Mark Man of TIN


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