Pound store colonial infantry on the painting table

pound store warriors colonials

Pound store plastic warriors on my painting table and  conversions in progress, along with some unlikely uniform inspiration, all an ongoing project crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors sister blog:


2 thoughts on “Pound store colonial infantry on the painting table”

  1. Mark, I love your ‘Penny Dreadful’ conversions. In these days of being able to buy almost anything a wargamer needs (funds allowing), there is something very refreshing about the old school approach, of using what is available, affordable and easy to find. I hope your ideas inspire gamers, particularly young gamers, to dip their toe in the hobby. I am certainly going to try some Near-future types. Thank you for the inspiration.


  2. Jon
    Now you can buy almost anything, this is pretty much why I do these figure conversions, not just lack of funds left after chasing vintage Peter Laing metal, but also to recapture some of the 1950s / 1960s freshness of the Donald Featherstone era of ‘War Games’. In those days if you wanted a particular figure, you often had to convert or make it yourself. Rough pound store conversions (without Milliput) might not be their thing for the button counters and rivet counters – each to his own – but they recapture some of the childhood joy of cheap plastic whatever you can find.
    Best wishes Mark, Man of TIN blog.


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