Peter Laing 15mm Crackers Air Capability


The  festive season has brought some gaming delights to be shared on the blog over the next few weeks. Usually crackers only yield up the occasional useful dice.

Some were unexpected delights like this Christmas Cracker derived air capability.

This tiny 5 part airplane kit is very useful, being about 15mm sized, especially after opening up the double cockpit to make a single seater.

WW2 era Black and white shot of my new cracker sourced  Air Force.

I shall have to look about for a suitable Air Force type figure or two.

I don’t think Peter Laing ever made any 15mm aircrew, which I think a little odd.

These Sainsbury’s crackers show the wings the wrong way round! 

Odd, considering that the scale of 15mm figures were accidentally invented by Peter trying to make figures for 1:144  aircraft. He produced a small range of WW1 vehicles and tanks but no planes.

Check out the Peter Laing Community  page on Google plus or this website for more about his WWI and WWII range.

This airplane story is mentioned in the December 1982 interview in Military Modelling, one of the filleted  magazines for useful article pages from my scrapbook. I found it really interesting to see who and where my figures came from.


The full article can be read at

More shots of the near finished aeroplane.

Alas the Allied test pilot crash lands and his plane is captured by enemy troops who stretcher him away. Peter Laing 15mm WW1 / WW2 figures from my collection. 

I have yet to work out what decals may be required.


Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, 17 September 2018.