Pound Store Plastic Figure Conversions and Comparisons

Some unprepossessing modern pound store plastic ‘penny’ figures (£1 for a tub of 100 or more recently 80 figures from Poundland) have proved great conversion potential for my skirmish games, at the slightly odd size of roughly 36mm.

Over the last few months I have been busy creating small skirmish forces of 25 to 30 figures a side for my portable hex game boards.

Strange modern Rambo-ish machine gunner figures become a set of Desert Warrior Spearman, to join my previous Desert Warrior riflemen shown here:


Some work in progress / ‘how to’ photos about these figures are shown here:


It has been interesting comparing how many simple conversions are possible with these same 12 sometimes crudely moulded figures, explored in this blogpost:


Some kilted Colonial Highlanders conversions to join my Redcoats, straight out of my favourite Carry On film, Carry On Up The Khyber with Private Jimmy Widdle of the 3rd Foot and Mouth, the ‘Devils in Skirts’ no less!



Some figures become Boers, Cowboys or Confederates to complement my 19th Century Colonial conversions. The hats? Label or paper hole reinforcers.

The same figures can be painted and converted into many different figures, like this versatile rifleman. This was another of the figures that attracted me to these pound store figure tubs.

And finally, a host of Little Green Men in orange and gold space suits to take on my silver and blue Space Marines


Coming soon to a hex game board near me …

Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN, featuring posts from his Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog, 28 January 2018

6 thoughts on “Pound Store Plastic Figure Conversions and Comparisons”

  1. Very Impressive. You need to find a few horses now. Some of those pound store figures look !like they could sit a horse and become officers and cavalry. I think those Toob horses might be the right size.


    1. Doug I have a few 40mm Zinnbrigade cavalry horses that I will try out with the pound store figures. They might be slightly oversize of these 36/37mm figures. If they work, the homecast moulds are still available. Sadly The Toob Horses have no saddles. Mark Man of TIN


      1. I usually carve the figure’s inside legs and/or the horses back to fit, then use a drill to fix the figure to the horse with a length of wire.
        I build up a “saddle” around the figure with plasticine.


  2. Thanks for the tips – I used to dislike Airfix cavalry figures for this fiddly fixing reason. I have also seen an unsaddled standing 40mm HE homecast horse or foal on the Prince August website which may be suitable.


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