Pound Store Colonial Skirmish


Crossposted from Pound Store Plastic Warriors / Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 3 February 2018

4 thoughts on “Pound Store Colonial Skirmish”

  1. Regards motblog I am still a digital dinosaur and do not know how to join in. Like what u do.


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  2. CT / Clive
    Re joining in / blogging, the only way to learn it is to try it. That’s how I started on other non-hobby blogs about 9 or 10 years ago. I have little tech ability myself. Blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger are free and relatively straightforward to use.
    Reading and commenting is of course joining in, plenty of people seem to do this without a blog of their own. The same with Forums.
    Sorry I didn’t receive your photos of Fimo figs.
    Mark, Man of TIN


  3. Hello again
    Cannot seem to get into your blog/forum. Would be grateful for comments or ideas re 42mm figures. Especially cheap ones! Also any sculptors out there.


    1. CT / Colin
      Hope this reply gets through. A personal gaming blog I do have, where readers can leave comments as they wish (albeit approved and moderated by me before publication). I don’t have or host a forum and have no plan to do so.

      As regards forums specifically for 42mm, I don’t yet know of any. They exist for other scales such as 54mm.

      My 40 to 42mm interest was sparked by Prince August home cast moulds and cheap plastic or pound store toy soldiers found undersized in 54mm bags. As a solo skirmish gamer, I had no intention of expanding into 42mm metals at the moment in a big way due to cost and other projects.

      Figurewise the Irregular Miniatures range metal 42mm by Ian Kay and Andy Partridge are good, slender and stylish – I have picked up some WW2 British secondhand. I haven’t yet tried the metal Shiny Tiny Soldiers STS range 42mm available via Spencer Smith Miniatures. 40mm had / have Holger Eriksonn, still available through Prince August and Spencer Smith Miniatures. Not sure who the STS sculptor is.

      This lack of focus on purely 42mm is partly because I flit from Peter Laing 15mm, Airfix HO/OO to 32-36mm plastic pound store, 42mm pound store plastics through to metal and plastic 54mm figures as budget, whim, scenario and period take me!

      Hope this answers your questions.
      Mark, Man of TIN


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