FEMbruary 3 Annie Norman’s Bad Squiddo Land Girl Picnic and a Cuppa

Beautifully packed and presented, my Bad Squiddo Games order was like receiving an artisan taster box of chocolates through the post.

As part of my FEMbruary challenge of exploring the female figures in my collection, I have been listening to the amazing Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games on the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast talk about her believable female gaming miniatures and her recent WW2 range.

“The number one aim for Bad Squiddo Games is to create and supply the miniatures that would have made the hobby far far better for my 10 year old self. To welcome more young girls and women into wargaming and miniature painting, as well as providing diverse options to the entire gaming community. And yeah – cool toys!” Bad Squiddo website 

This sounds pure all-year round FEMbruary. You can hear more from Annie on her guest slots on the Meeples and Miniatures podcasts episodes 168, 197 and 238 https://meeples.wordpress.com/podcast/https://meeples.wordpress.com/podcast/https://meeples.wordpress.com/podcast/

My FEMBruary posts so far:

Thanks to Marvin at Suburban Militarism, Imperial Rebel Ork and Leadballoony for variously introducing me to the #FEMbruary challenge





I currently don’t game in 28mm scale, so this beautiful little vignette or diorama of a Land Girl or Land Army Picnic caught my eye. It has now been added to my expanding FEMbruary challenge of photographing my collection and painting and converting more female figures.

Despite running a one woman business creating new figures and involved in Kickstarter projects, this order was speedily returned. I haven’t ordered direct from many metal figure manufacturers since Peter Laing’s friendly and personal mail order and speedy return of 15mm figures back in the 1980s but Annie at Bad Squiddo Games matches this well.

Annie Norman’s presentation of her figures and range is colourful and eye catching, her range of figures widely incorporates from Vikings to WW2 and on to fantasy and even fighting fluffy beasties (coming soon).

Up close the Land Girl figures commissioned by Annie Norman from sculptor Alan Marsh are crisply sculpted and “believable” women in 28mm scale.

I am not sure yet how I am going to paint these – Matt or Gloss? Enamel or Acrylic? Toy Soldier style or more realistic, like Andrew Taylor’s painted examples of these figures.

Nicely animated, these Land Girls certainly looked like they needed a rest and a cuppa, lying back against a handy hay bale from my old farm collection.

They really do look like they are chatting and soaking up the sun, over tea out of enamel or NAAFI pint mugs and sandwiches out of wax paper wrapping.

To help you relax with a cuppa yourself during the painting process, Annie has included a handy tea bag. I received Blackcurrant and Blueberry. Marvin at Suburban Militarism received Darjeeling. A colourful and flavoursome marketing touch.

I have for other past projects read several Land Girl memoirs and histories. I have also been fortunate to meet some Land Girl re-enactors along with a few sparkly and sprightly elderly “Land Girls”. So I look forward to painting these figures which are Annie Norman’s way of celebrating her Land Army Nan and the other elderly Land Army ladies she knew growing up in Wales.

To explore her other Home Front figures, http://badsquiddogames.com//shop#!/~/product/id=93150717

As she pointed out in her podcast interviews, the more figures you buy, the wider the range of interesting female figures she can make. Certainly a figure range and manufacturer to watch.

Blogposted for FEMbruary by Mark, Man of TIN February 2018.

11 thoughts on “FEMbruary 3 Annie Norman’s Bad Squiddo Land Girl Picnic and a Cuppa”

    1. Ah, now I get the film reference (long time since I saw this movie) as it looked a bit familiar. Should be an interesting range, the Gunny Bunnies, as crazy as the old Weedkiller gaming rules for GMO plant combat that I have stowed away somewhere (out of print sadly).


  1. Thankyou Mark. I have been enjoying your FEMbruary posts. Certainly Anne deserves praise for commissioning such lovely figures. If only she could be pursuaded to do some 15mm!!!!


    1. I think from her podcasts that Annie Norman is very busy in 28mm this year but it’s worth approaching her re. Whether she will eventually be doing some of her range in 15mm? I’m sure the Russians would sell well. As she usually says, the more figures you buy (i.e. cash flow) the more she can commission. I’m not sure if modern 15mm would fit with slender old 15mm Peter Laings?


      1. Scale creep I see always an issue. I have just picked up a small job lot of figures with a few Peter Laings mixed in and was surprised how varied the size and detail was. People criticise Peter Laing figures for their shapeless blobness and lack of detail but None can be worse than the few Mikes Models ECW figure samples I bought to complement my Peter Laing ECW figures. I thought I had ordered some stocky dwarf adventurers with muskets from D&D by accident. Each to his own style.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Marvin
      I was trying to work out what you might choose from the wide range of Bad Squiddo and other figures. As I have no other 28mm gaming figures, I thought a little Land Girl Picnic vignette diorama might work best.
      Just wait for the ATS in Annie’s future issues: will they have sten guns on overseas service? Steel helmets? I wonder if we might see a certain 2/Lt. HRH Elizabeth Windsor, formerly of the oily Motor Transport ATS?
      Looking forward to seeing what came with your Darjeeling.
      Mark, Man of TIN

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cluedo game pieces in plastic. Cheap at boot sales. Also 1.43 scale yesteryear plastic ladies including 2 little girls.

    Add a tin helmet to mrs peacock and would scare off hitler

    Kinder eggs are a source of infinite joy for girls.



    1. Thanks Clive for the tip offs – there are some very good Lledo and Yesteryear vehicle vintage Civilians around that sometimes turn up. I do keep an eye out in crackers, secondhand and charity shops, boot fairs, kids magazines, pocket money sections, etc. for suitable plastic figures.
      Hadn’t seen the Cluedo pieces, they sound interesting (or scary in Mrs Peacocks’ case).
      Good tip re Kinder eggs – thanks – one of my favourable occasionally open second hand collectable shops sells Kinder surprise toys for collectors. Several collectors blogs like Hugh at Small Scale World feature Kinder figures they have collected.
      Mark Man of TIN


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