George Phillies US game design lectures on YouTube

George Phillies has recently retired from lecturing about polymers  and physics but also from running  an interesting course on board games design for video games students courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPI in America

Thankfully you can still see many of his lectures on his Youtube George Phillies channel.

In amongst his Libertarian politics, polymer and statistics lectures are entire lecture courses, lecture by lecture, on Board Game and Board Wargame Design, Designing Euro Games etc.

They are simply filmed, no frills,  stand up and talk lectures, illustrated using only a whiteboard and black marker pens!

This dicetowernews article has the YouTube link embedded.

I found them interesting for looking at the design of different types of games and the sections on Games mechanics, even though I do not play many of the strategy and board games mentioned.

Phillies introduces these games and their mechanics to his video game design students who have to collaboratively design a playable strategy board game as part of their university course.

George Phillies has also published several books on designing wargames or board strategy games with co-author US games designer Tom Vasel, which you can see on his Amazon page, many of them on Kindle editions.

or at the Third Millennium 3M publishing   house

My gaming notebooks are full of bits of George Phillies that might solve a rules mechanism challenge one day. Thanks George.

Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN, 1 July 2018.