TSAF New Aircraft Delivery

At a coastal air station a mixture of navy staff and pilots have their photograph taken to celebrate the delivery of a new patrol aircraft.

Rumours are that a biplane version is being developed.

In the background, a naval sentry keeps an eye out for danger and guards the entrance to the control and signal tower

My third aeroplane of Moshi Monsters origin has arrived. Stripped of its colourful decals, I have been looking at this plane with an intention to make a biplane out of it.

The Moshi toy plane is a hybrid of many aircraft. I found a picture online of the old Matchbox Curtiss Helldiver kit that gives me some idea of what a biplane conversion may look like. A silver paint scheme might work well too for experimental, inter War and civilian aircraft.

My previous blog post featured two other Moshi planes and aircrew figures that will fit into future garden games somehow.



Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN Friday 13 July 2018.

5 thoughts on “TSAF New Aircraft Delivery”

  1. I’m enjoying the developing story with these posts. I was wondering previously if you fancied give them a new paint job, maybe spray painting them new colours or adding an imagination air force marking. Will be interested to see the biplane being created.

    And that final picture looks great – like something out of a classic illustrated cartoon like Tin Tin!


    1. They will all get toned down spray or brush painted new paint or camo schemes. The orange one will probably become sand and brown, keeping its teeth and eyes, even its name writing.
      Looking at those lovely old Blandford aircraft books on Fighters and Bombers of 1939-45, my favourite the Flying Boats one and a set of 1930s Players cigarette cards, the pink one and probably the white one (soon-to-be a Curtiss Hellcat type biplane) will probably become silver with some roundels or Tintin style Imagi Nations decals.
      The cartoon picture was done through changing a photograph in a great little App called Click To Comic. Well worth exploring!


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