He Who Walks On Legs of Wood

One of the unusual figure conversions or repairs that arrived in a jumble or joblot of figures about five to ten years ago was this lovely damaged Britain’s 54mm hollowcast lead Indian.


Lots of original paint details: the headdress, a little belt sash of gold, metallic rifle paint 

As you can see, he has lost his original legs and someone somewhere has carved him simple wooden legs. They have even carved a little buckskin fringe on the back of his leggings.

This is so beautifully and simply done that I will keep Old Wooden Legs as he is, with unpainted legs of wood. Hence his title “He Who Walks on Legs of Wood”, to give him a suitable Native American Indian warrior name.

All I have done is glued him to a tuppenny base so he can join in with future garden, floor or tabletop games. He deserves to be a veteran warrior, maybe even a Chief.

Without a base and maker’s name I was a little puzzled as to his original appearance until one day looking at Britain’s mounted Indians, I realised that he had obviously lost both his horse and his legs somehow. A veteran from Britain’s Mounted Indian Set 152.

Close up of Britain’s mounted Indian set 152 from James Opie’s Britain’s Toy Soldiers 1893-1932

Hopefully this lack of repainting shows him the same respect and value that he obviously once had to someone to be worthy of repair, a Brave warrior or Chief.

Naming the Braves

Choosing names for my growing 20 to 30+ skirmish warband of Broken Britain’s restored Braves (to write on the bottom of their tuppenny bases) will be a challenge. There are fantasy name generators online amongst all the Bond Girl Name Generators but it is good to know what the real Tribal names mean at https://www.warpaths2peacepipes.com/native-american-indian-names/

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, 20 July 2018.

8 thoughts on “He Who Walks On Legs of Wood”

  1. That is very nice- I like that you are leaving him as he is.

    I loved the collections of indians, as well as Cowboys and 7th Army Britains figures I had as a child. No idea at all where they went sadly.




    1. Thanks Pete, glad you liked him too. Thankfully I still have some of my childhood Britain’s Deetail ones which may crop up in some future garden games.
      There is always the collecting madness of rebuilding what you once had – it’s all out there on EBay.


      1. I’m trying not to go down that path…

        … Oddly I was very much into the Britains farm stuff which has survived, it has been nice over past years to see my young nephews play with it too.




  2. I have a few surviving family / childhood farm animals and buildings and a few lead and plastic injured farm animals who need my repair services as a lead vet. These will no doubt feature on the blog at some point.


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