TSAF Aircraft Repaint Part 1

First undercoat paint layers on these planes  and recently repaired Crescent pilot with flight plans, repaired with new feet.

Like many bloggers, with the current heatwave I have done little figure painting this week.

However I  have started repainting or undercoating  the first two of the three Moshi aircraft.

Interwar Silver has replaced pink, whilst Desert brown with a silver belly has replaced the orange and red.


They started out like this in pink and orange. https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2018/07/06/tsaf-toy-soldier-air-force/

The eye and shark teeth decals are worth keeping on the desert brown aircraft. Eventually a darker  brown camo disruption pattern will be overpainted, to get the look of a Curtiss Tomahawk.



Several more coats of paint, some Imagi-Nations decals and a finish with Gloss varnish are all required before these aircraft are game and garden ready. Once it cools down …

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN 26 July 2018


11 thoughts on “TSAF Aircraft Repaint Part 1”

  1. They look a little whimsical with the short wings – I wonder how the aerodynamics will work. However they do look fetching and much improved with the new paint jobs. I like the way you left the existing teeth design and I look forward to seeing the decals. Which imaginations will they represent?

    The pilots look great.


    1. James
      Whimsical is just the right word! I wouldn’t have much faith in the aerodynamics or combat ability either, like many interwar designs – a bit like the (not quite) Curtiss Hellcat divebomber biplane version I am working on with Moshi (monoplane to biplane) plane number 3. I don’t think the lovely little Brewster Buffalo was that aerodynamic either, but there was a stubby Russian plane like this that sort of did quite well. (Yak3? It’s in the Munson Fighter 1939-45 book.) Nice selection of similar planes at this Australian flying display website https://www.redthunder.com.au/schedule/?DayID=3

      Still playing around with Imagi-Nations generic decals. Blue Army will have one plane, Red Army another and the third (bi)plane yet another nation (All doubling up as Bronte Imagi-Nations as needed).
      Mark, Man of TIN.


    1. IRO
      Scale? They kind of fit two 54mm seated pilot (including legless) figures or if slightly smaller you could fit four figures into the cockpit. 2 up front, 2 behind (like elephants in a mini). Depends how big your orcs are. Could be fun to do a steampunked one. Should be a few Moshi planes knocking around on EBay or charity shops.

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      1. I don’t know how far the Moshi Monsters craze extended worldwide – it was pretty shortlived in the UK. I’m sure similar toy fads and crazes where you are would create a similar scurf and flotsam of plastic tat to find secondhand that could be similarly converted.

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  2. Plane looks great after repainting. Are you making a base to use to have it flying over the battlefield?


    1. Another few coats of paint by the ground crew required. Working on a chunky wooden base and armature (adaptable to differing heights?) to get these airborne into the garden.
      One of your donated broken mine detectorist figures is changing roles to join the ground crew once repainted and repaired.


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