Rearmed Again by Dorset Soldiers

Lots of spare arms for repairing Broken Britain’s old 54mm toy soldier figures

Huzzah! Rearm-ament continues. My order has arrived from Dorset Soldiers


Line Infantry, cavalry and Guards head  recast replacements


Unpacked ready for repairing more headless armless Broken Britain’s 54mm figures this Autumn.

Blogposted by Mark Man Of TIN August 2018.

8 thoughts on “Rearmed Again by Dorset Soldiers”

    1. Ha ha! My Frankenstein thing? Strangely I have been painting cheap plastic skeletons this weekend. A junk shop / market stall rummage find. £1 a bag old stock, last two bags. Will put them on the blog when done. That’ll give the repaired Britain’s Redcoats some unusual opposition, having repaired now Indian braves, Zulus and now Skeleton warriors!


    1. Started pairing up arms and heads with figures ready for September / Autumn painting. Must finish the ships first.
      I didn’t realise till recently where “Arms and the Man” came from, not the comic play by George Bernard Shaw, but instead the Shaw title quotes the opening words of Virgil’s Aeneid: Arma virumque cano (“Of arms and the man I sing”). That’s yer actual Latin, that is, and I never had the Latin …


  1. Dorset are usually 50p a head or arm. Dorset have had some production problems recently so orders are not sent “return of post” but do get to you eventually.
    GBE appear to have ceased trading despite the website being around, they have not answered emails or letters.
    Other sources – Langley 54mm heads are 60p each. Not tried these yet.
    In the USA try


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