Little Tin Gods – Egyptian Gods

Another source of sometimes expensive but unusual figures for gaming involves museum gift shops.

I picked up these two Pewter 54mm Egyptian gods, Thoth and Anubis, about ten to fifteen years ago for £2 each.

They have now been replaced by the Westair manufacturer with a smaller scale set (closer to 30mm?) of four Egyptian gods. You gets yer learning off the tiny writing too! Very educational.

Here you can see them for scale opposite a 54mm Johillco rifleman conversion into lost explorer type Colonel Fazackerley.

Colonel Fazackerley encounters some Ancient Egyptian gods …

Scenario uses

They should look good guarding the entrance to an H. G. Wells type Floor Games / Little Wars type of building block temple.

They might need sandstone or colour paint for this.

French Napoleonics in Egypt and Sudan Egyptian campaign onwards.

Night at The Museum scenarios and superhero / Pulp genre games.

All those weird Egyptian setting Tintin books …

They would also look good with the few old 1:32 Atlantic plastic Egyptian Warriors that I have.

Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN, 21 September 2018.

8 thoughts on “Little Tin Gods – Egyptian Gods”

  1. They’re great and at perfect scale for Colonel F. I recall picking up similar kind of figures from gift shops in the past. Relatively cheap figures of knights or soldiers at 28mm approx. Wonder if I’ve still got any and also what they could look like painted up.


    1. Westair still do figure packs of 40mm that should paint up well enough – look at – but few modern figures now though. The Victorian WW1 WW2 figures were nice but appear to have gone, a shame as they did pilots, nurses, street characters, etc) but Ancients up to English Civil War and a nice Scottish figure set. 4 figures for £10-11 as they are pewter.
      Look for job lots of these figures (and probably the older ones) much cheaper on EBay.

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      1. Looking on EBay the older larger 50mm ish figures are in the Westair single figure “Military Masters” range – some nice designs.
        Some of the WW1/2 and Victorian figures are available on EBay in their old cubed four / five figure boxes too with flimsy paper gameboard.


      2. Ah, thanks. Those civil war figures look good, shame about the discontinued ones. Definitely something to consider. Might have a look around some time first to see if I can find any of my old figures.


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