Auckland Invaded May 1873

In amongst the shipping, commercial  and mining news the new Editor David Luckie inserted his “fake news” of 17 February 1873  issue of the Daily Southern Cross 
Clever stores inserted their own topical links to this invasion hoax “fake news” story
The freight ship Golden Cross is mentioned in the hoax account, adding realism

An explanation of the Invasion Hoax was given several days later by the editor of the Daily Southern Cross.


The point made clear a few days later?

The need to explain or excuse the hoax and how it was set up or could be revealed as “fake news” by its future date 


The whole fake news story




At this point the invasion begins with Russian marines …

A suitable gaming scenario could be made of this landing.



This was published in the Daily Southern Cross, 17 February 1873 – note the date of this deliberately alarmists news story – set 3 months in the future, 15th May 1873.

The next issue editorial 18th February featured the explanation or the reveal.


IMG_0343IMG_0344There are several online articles about this Russian Scare and the historical background.

Victorian and WW2 coastal defences at Fort Takapuna

Even a podcast

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