Spot the toy soldier in the first episode of the new female Doctor Who


I spotted this Britain’s New Metal Guardsman in the first episode of the  new Doctor Who series – and I claim my toy soldier Geek Points!

It appears briefly on a shot of the desk of Ryan, one of the new young companions to a new female Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker). It stands next to a photo of his Granny, who is another important character in this first episode.

No plot spoilers for you but the presence of the toy soldier hasn’t yet altered the plot.

I haven’t watched Doctor Who for years and years, not properly since my childhood days of watching Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.

Blog posted on 10th October 2018 – World Mental Health Day – by Mark,  Man of TIN.

2 thoughts on “Spot the toy soldier in the first episode of the new female Doctor Who”

  1. I might go so far as to watch the new Doctor Who Episode 2, but this maybe a touch obsessive or extreme overenthusiasm after a 30 year gap? Is this too nerdy?
    Or maybe I should watch Star Wars Rogue One again for the umpteenth time, before looking at the amount of Airfix and other 54mm space figures awaiting in the painting queue … behind the Peter Laings, the Broken Britain’s figures etc … hmmm ….


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