Our Modern Army 1950s cards


Interesting little group for a pound or two.

Very much Herald  postwar plastic soldiers

The whole set of 53  playing cards would set you back a few quid!


A strange stylistic mixture of illustration, some more lifelike than others.

Obviously a bit of a career or recruitment thing. National Service only  had a few  years left to go (my late father was one of the last intakes c. 1958).

These cards very much remind me of my childhood Herald plastic soldiers.


Interesting to see women soldiers shown, albeit in an admin / secretarial role, rather than a frontline role.

I previously posted about a Happy Families card set last year:


Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN, October 2018.

2 thoughts on “Our Modern Army 1950s cards”

  1. Great images. I have a lot of cigarette card sets on military subjects but not come across this one before. I like the interpretation of what a modern army should look like. The woman is a typist! What they would have made of the news the other day of women in the SAS, I can’t imagine.


  2. I quite agree how remarkable the changes are, now that all frontline jobs are open to women. The great War Games writer Donald Featherstone typed his way through the war in Italy near the frontline in the Tank Regiment. There is a touching little poem about this in the back of Wargaming Commando Operations and other lost bits of Featherstone.


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