Proper old Jumble Sale loot!

A beautiful Lledo horse bus and an old BHF Christmas card backdrop (Christmas Shopping by David Underwood).

Good old fashioned Jumble sales are a bit rarer now in the age of EBay, collectables fairs, table top and car boot sales. I bumped into one today in my local Village Hall whilst out for a  walk.

Was it worth the cheeky fundraising  20p entry fee?

An attractive Ford Model T van promotional model – this one might keep its attractive Cornish or Christmas livery.


My new red Ford Model T (£1 in the jumble today) meets one similar  Corgi Ford Model T jumble item from last year that I have painted  a khaki undercoat colour …  and an old Lowryesque flat railway OO/HO passenger figure.

Another such  jumble recently turned up this attractive Corgi stagecoach, a recent gift from a family member.

A recent gift – a Corgi stagecoach meets some of my Airfix Waggon Train and High Chaparral figures, more ACW veterans from my childhood games.

What I like about the horse bus and stagecoach is the detail of figures, seats to add more sitting railway passenger figures and the baggage and “riding shotgun” waeponry.

The two cowboy figures inside will be difficult to paint, working through the windows! What great supply, ambush  and bandit  scenarios this Corgi toy model opens up for ACW and Western games.

These weary   Airfix 1914 Tommies, veterans from my childhood, meet their new transport in its hastily requisitioned and under coated khaki paintwork.

As well as the horse bus and attractive red Ford Model T van, both £1 each, I also picked up some old ‘Fahnenpicker’ or cocktail stick flags (Fahnen – flags) for 50p, that may one day come in useful somehow.



Not a bad haul of two Lledo vehicles and the flags all for £2.50 – lovely to step aback and watch a proper old rummage through the jumble in my local Village Hall.

Well worth that twenty pence entrance fee?

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 25 November 2018.