Man of TIN Advent Calender Day 2 – Gangnam Guards Band?

Whoppa!  Gangnam style Guardsmen?

When these job lot of figures arrived for repair, I noticed three distinctive 1950s Crescent made lead Guardsmen on horseback.

The mounted trumpeter with hand on hip looks like he should be in the music video for Gangnam Style, the much parodied dance 2012 hit by Korea’s favourite musical son PSY.  (Earworm alert!)

When this music video and tune came out in 2012,  lots of American college marching bands did their own musical marching band versions with dance routines for Gangnam Style which were great fun.

I’m not sure if any of these amazing outfits are made by the US toy band figure maker Little Band Man but these toy band figures are attractive figures nonetheless

An inexpensive job lot of figures for repair.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN Advent Day 2 Sunday 2nd December 2018