Advent Calendar Day 14 – Army Men Around the House with Gareth McGorman


I subscribe to the Michigan Toy Soldier Company blog and amongst the product reviews is occasionally a funny or quirky post or blog link.

Back in August 2017 they placed a link to blogger Gareth McGorman and his model soldier versions of miniature artist Slinkachu.


Gareth’s work reminds me of what might have  happened if H. G. Wells’ Little Wars or Floor Games were happening in a modern house. It’s a WW2 Miniatures version of Toy Story with a dash of The Borrowers. I like visual jokes playing with scale. You also realise behind each quickly glanced at shot is hours and hours of model making.

Gareth’s work in 2016/17 can be found in various sites including

Gareth’s work can be found on Facebook but also on his WordPress blog

The  Facebook header picture of Tommies dug in, camouflaged with the dry earth, really captures the imaginative nature of childhood playing with toy soldiers, down at ground or floor level, out in the garden …

Some of the recurring figures in Gareth’s work …

2016 posts

2017 posts


Enjoy! Now you know what the tiny men (and women) get up to when you are out of the house or not looking.

Remember – They were only following orders …

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN on Advent Day 14, 14 December 2018.

3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 14 – Army Men Around the House with Gareth McGorman”

  1. Oh, this is awesome. Thank you for the find! Will have to check it out.

    There’s a reason the army men were my favorites in Toy Story, and it has a lot to do with Return of the Twelves. I played with my soldiers outside and sometimes took them on camping trips. The tangled roots of a tree became an impregnable defensive position, and a rocky desert picnic spot became cliffs to clamber up, like Pointe du Hoc.


    1. Great memories to share of Rock Cliffs and tree roots. I love the scaled down “natural reality” of such garden games etc – flower bed forests, pond lakes. I knew every inch of my small childhood garden and floors as a child at toy soldier eye height although didn’t take the soldiers to the beach or park as I would be devastated to lose the best ones. After all, “No man left behind”! This scale play is part of the visual humour of street artist Slinkachu, its also pure Twelves And Toy Story. Trying to recapture the spirit of this garden or floor game childhood is the challenge of gaming. I quite like the late Thor Shiel’s simple no nonsense, no brand snobbery anywhere gaming and rule ideas and


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