Man of TIN Advent Calendar Day 17 – Favourite Gaming Figure # 2



Another favourite gaming character is this dynamic WW2 Desert British officer, his paintwork a little worse for wear. Veteran of many battles!

He could be leading an attack or part of an artillery crew.

This figure is 54mm / 1:32 scale, made by Crescent in plastic in the 1960s.

To repaint or not repaint?

Back in 2016 I posted my first favourite gaming figure which led to contact with plastic figure converter Doug Shand and his blog.

Here are some inspired and unusual Doug conversions:

Posted by Mr. MIN, Man of TIN, Advent Day 17, 17 December 2018.

2 thoughts on “Man of TIN Advent Calendar Day 17 – Favourite Gaming Figure # 2”

    1. Good to hear from you Doug. I hope your camera is up and running, as I know it was affecting your blog entry / updates. I wrote recently about regional plastic tat envy
      Maybe we could do a plastic tat exchange? I cannot see where to directly email you through your Blogger website. You can contact me directly via the Contact on the Pages (right hand side lower down). Best wishes Mark


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