Man of TIN Advent Calendar Day 22 – A Few 1930s toy soldier Hugar Buildings

Interesting pre-war 54mm scenery (battle boards) from Hugar – rare and expensive!

A book I am looking forward to as a gift at Christmas is  The Illustrated History of Hugar published in Hardcover by Smart Media in 2014 by Paul Brookes. Available through Amazon. Perfect for a 54mm old Toy Soldier gamer …


As original 1930s Hugar buildings are so expensive, the now defunct company of GBE Toy Soldiers used to manufacture replicas.

Hugar  style  buildings no longer available on GBE soldiers.
Again no longer available from GBE Toy Soldiers


Simple and play-full buildings

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, Advent Calendar Day 22 on 22 December 2018

2 thoughts on “Man of TIN Advent Calendar Day 22 – A Few 1930s toy soldier Hugar Buildings”

  1. Fascinating buildings from a company that is new to me. I hope you enjoy reading the book and that it brings loads of inspiration with it.


    1. I had not really heard of Hugar as most of their charming output was railway or farm building related, the battlefield terrain boards were a small and short lived bit of prewar work. Hence its (boxed) rarity.
      The Hugar book is a joy to read, a labour of love by Paul Brookes and I will post a proper review in the next few weeks.


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