Roy Toys USA Log Cabin Set

Attractively retro packaged Roy Toys cabin building set  


A well built log cabin lasts several generations …

Safari Toob Jamestown Settler pioneer figures (plastic 54mm) make suitable cabin builders. 


Safari Toob Wild West figures including Annie Oakley 

You can get your Little House on The Prairie geek on  with this log cabin building set! 

Like those grainy old black and white western log cabin photos.

Roy Toys?

I had heard of Lincoln Logs building Toys as I have some of their metal toy soldiers and civilians.  Roy Toys however were a  new company to me, thanks to a surprise kind family gift for Christmas.


I  like the retro packaging, I like the simple product and the story behind its creation and remarkable family revival.


The history of the product, maker and company are given here

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN on 27 December 2018. 

B.P.S. this log cabin was apparently sourced through quirky British supplier Labour and Wait in London – they have some still reduced in their sale. 


4 thoughts on “Roy Toys USA Log Cabin Set”

  1. Really great looking log cabin. I have used wooden blocks with 54mm in a game successfully, reminiscent of H G Wells floor games. They have a please toy vibe to them as do your wonderful log cabin pictures.


    1. It was that Little Wars retro look that appealed to me when I was shown pictures of them months ago. Then the various cabins appeared as surprises on Christmas Day! I really like the family back story, the retention of the packaging style, the sustainable forestry thing. Pure Childhood Americana.


  2. I had many Lincoln Logs as a child and sometimes used them as terrain with my green army men. Have lately used Jenga blocks, but these would go perfectly for my Revolutionary War plastics. If I can get my bosses to allow wargaming in the library again, I may pick some up.


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