More Log Cabins!

These log cabins are not what they seem … 20mm ish handmade FIMO figures 

These small little log cabins are another curious gift from the family for Christmas, knowingly bought  as destined for gaming use.

They suggest American backwoods or the forests of Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

They are Paine’s log cabin incense burners, made by an American company from American forests since 1931. They have a door but no windows.

These Paine’s cabins come ready assembled and are a very different size from the RoyToys Log Cabin Building Sets that suit 40mm plus to 54mm figures

For scale I have put a couple of my 20mm ish early handmade DIY figures made from Fimo polymer clay, suitably American figures:

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN during Twixmas on 29 December 2018.

4 thoughts on “More Log Cabins!”

  1. The gifts from family thing: Sometimes it’s part suggestion on my part, sometimes a complete surprise, often based on other things I have shown around or made during the year. Other times I buy small book and things in for the Christmas box and let people know, often a relief as its saves them gift hunting. They are then embargoed until Christmas …

    Hopefully from the look of your past Christmas and birthday haul you have your family equally well trained in suitable book and gift hunting.


    1. You’re lucky to have such a tolerant family! Best of the season to you and yours; I look forward to the next year of enjoyable posts and ideas.


      1. Lucky but I know this tolerance has ‘buckaroo’ limits re. storage of 54mm stuff, new projects etc. As Harry Pearson points out in Achtung Schweinhund, You can never have enough of things you don’t actually need. When I suggested a John Ruddle style Wargames garden, front or back, (see below) the suggestion was coolly received. From the outside, as Marvin suggests in Suburban Militarism, the house looks quite normal still.

        Thanks for your best wishes and your comments throughout the year. All the best to you and yours too.


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