A Toy Soldier Christmas?


A few more Toy Soldier orientated gifts this Christmas, all pretty ephemeral.

Attractive sweet packaging tin and a chocolate lolly from Marks and Spencers. Interesting ImagiNations uniform, part circus band, part Danish Hans Christian Anderson and part Napoleonic.


Some of my Christmas gifts arrived wrapped in Toy Soldier wrapping paper.  This Christmas there were quite a few  Toy Soldier decorations around in the shops, which mostly  seemed to be  the Nutcracker Russian ballet style soldier figures, big and small (2018).

I kept parts of these sheets for my scrapbook but also kept several other sections in case I want to knock up or rather  glue up some cardboard Russian Nutcracker soldier figures.


Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN on 30th December 2018 – Twixmas is nearly over.

2 thoughts on “A Toy Soldier Christmas?”

    1. Good point – why didn’t the designer think of helpful things like that?

      I would need to paste the same figure back to back, on rectangle card to avoid the Assymetry problems of cutting out close to the shape.
      Failing this, I have the smaller silicon cake dec moulds shown in the 2017 Nutcracker post to make some Smaller polymer clay Fimo versions. This is more likely to be a nearing next Christmas project. Or the Christmas after that …


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