It’s New Years Eve so time for some drink hanger figures?


Drink markers …

Another comedy Christmas gift from my family destined for gaming use. Well they look like 54mm plastic soldiers, they just lack a uniform.

Welcome to the bizarre (or tasteless) world of drinks markers (depending on your sense of humour).


Beach babes, wrestlers, YMCA uniform types, ‘Full Monty’ type firemen, cowboy chaps, even Queen Elizabeth and even more oddly Jesus, all get the drinks marker treatment.

Not sure what these 54mm Plastic figures will become on the gaming table yet. I have a Quiralu aluminium Zulu type white Tarzan – could this be an idea for these as ancient figures?

Man of TIN endorses responsible drinking.

Toy Soldier selections occasionally appear in stag and hen do drinking games – see my blogpost

Happy New Year!

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN on New Years Eve 31 December 2018.

2 thoughts on “It’s New Years Eve so time for some drink hanger figures?”

    1. This is the tasteful end of the drinks markers market. Maybe this is your next conversion challenge – tasteful yeomanry drinks hangers or markers? Very Very niche.
      They look like tiny Action Man with his mounded and moulded underpants.
      I’m sure down and back to basics all troop types of all ages look like this without uniforms (maybe without the gold underpants).
      I keep thinking they should have a soldier gym to do pull-ups and chin ups.
      All the best for 2019 and your lovely present haul.

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