Christmas Cracker Air Force Defence Cuts 2018

Christmas Cracker shiny lucky dice 2018
P51 Mustang –   Not such a useful airplane this year compared to 2017?
Bootleg Airfix American infantry 20/25 mm for scale

Last year my Christmas Cracker yielded a more ‘useful’ mini plastic airplane kit.

Peter Laing 15mm German infantry WW1/2 for scale 


Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN 12 January 2019.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cracker Air Force Defence Cuts 2018”

    1. I used to really enjoy collecting the bigger versions of these with propellers that flew but so flimsy they didnt last long. I think it was the packet art and range of historic planes / markings. Still available pretty much unchanged.
      Flats might make an appearance later this year …


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