Toot Toot!


Emily the Stirling Engine arrives at a vintage wooden station crowded with 15mm Peter Laing Victorian Civilians.

Cross posted by Mark Man of TIN from my occasional railway / gaming blog

Black and white version.

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, 14 January 2019

6 thoughts on “Toot Toot!”

  1. A while back I was thinking of getting into model trains again and was looking at Thomas the Trains as they are distinctly British. After seeing this, I might have to look for thereto go with my Peter Laing Victorian figures. By the way, I’m still green with envy of your PL citizens figures!


    1. Hello John. Model trains are a family curse or madness that I hold at bay with toy soldiers. I spotted this kids magazine Plastic pushalong freebie Train in the newsagents, that looked promising, old fashioned and roughly 15mm.
      I think N gauge should be close in scale to 15mm? (But expensive)
      The Peter Laing Civilians were a lucky tip off by another collector of other non-Laing 15mm figures. Never seen anything like them before or since. I’m lucky to have them!


  2. Great train! I am pondering doing my first railway modelling since I had an oval tacked to a board and a clockwork train circa 1967. We will see…


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