Unpacking a happy jumble tin of plastic soldiers



Crossposted from Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog by Mark, Man of TIN blog, 8 February 2019.

2 thoughts on “Unpacking a happy jumble tin of plastic soldiers”

  1. The pirates are interesting – look like they have ray guns – space pirates? Or you could give them swords or new pistols. I look forward to the paint jobs. Will the Americans be painted like WW2 Americans or something else?


    1. I also thought these pistols were a little strange and would require a little work, if I was not going down the steampunk sci-fi route. I have some recently acquired (Redbox?) 40mm pirates to put on the blog that have the same weird pistol weaponry.
      Not sure what I will do with the WW2 Americans yet, they are so versatile.


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