Traitor’s Letter Scenario

Scouting Games 1910 – Robert Baden Powell 

Maudlin Jack Tar flagged up this interesting scenario he had spotted within the download of  Baden Powell’s 1910 Scouting Games.

Two sides of French and Prussians? This sounds like Franco Prussian War of 1870 rather than 1910.

It could be a great little wide games or tabletop scenario.

In reality, scout casualties would get bored, so Scouts knocked out by a ball or pine cone ‘hit’ could return to an ambulance base to be restored to life.

Taken from Scouting Games (1910 but this is the sixth edition] free download

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN (1970s Cub Scout, Bronze Arrow, Retired) on 21st May 2019.

5 thoughts on “Traitor’s Letter Scenario”

  1. I loved being a scout- would have loved to play that game back then… sadly my fitness levels are now as such that I could only manage the indoor version.




    1. That is the imaginative joy of the indoor Wide Games version.
      By the way I picked up a spare pack of zombie stickers at Home Bargains. If you want them, leave me a postal address via the contact page or manoftinblog which is at gmail dot com

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    1. Oddly it’s also a real place that you can still see today – type in the place names and you’ll find it on Google, not too overdeveloped. This one map or terrain fits many of the featured Wide Game scenarios, so once marked up or set out, this should suit many Games.


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