Waterloo Replayed June 2019


The Great 28mm Game in aid of Waterloo Uncovered, the veteran focussed archaeology project.

2 thoughts on “Waterloo Replayed June 2019”

  1. WOW.

    Will keep an eye on this, thanks!

    In unrelated news, I ran another WWII skirmish at work today, this time with rules influenced by Close Wars, with simpler measuring.

    Movement: One pencil length.

    Firing: (Range/shots)
    – Pistol: One pencil length/one shot.
    – SMG: 1/3
    – Rifle: 2/1
    – MG: 3/3, but may not move and fire.
    Shots hit on 5+, 6 if target is in cover.

    CC: Figures roll off. If tied, both figures retreat one pencil length.

    Each side rolls once at end of turn – on a 6 a reinforcement figure appears.

    It worked surprisingly well, and the players were cheering every die roll.


    1. Excellent news – glad the adapted Close Wars Rules work well in public. I’m sure this would work well for other periods (Wild West, French Indian War, Civil War Skirmish etc)


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