July 4th Part 2 – Vintage Airfix ACW Battle of Pine Ridge Revisited


Loved this ACW vintage Airfix game from July 2017.


I don’t check my blog stats that often but I noticed in passing a little spike on June 26th Of over 300 hits on one old blog post  from two years ago in a week of not posting much new. The referrer site was the TMP website http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=510247



Some good looking clever Airfix paint conversions by Paul’s Bods. TMP Page forum

July 4th Blog Post Part 1 – https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2019/07/04/marx-boy-scouts-of-america-54mm-figure/
Blog Posted by Mark Man of TIN on the 4th of July 2019



6 thoughts on “July 4th Part 2 – Vintage Airfix ACW Battle of Pine Ridge Revisited”

  1. That is most interesting re the spike. I think it splendid that your game has an even wider audience. Perhaps it will spark someone off on their own adventures.


    1. Armand posts a lot of good links to history and gaming sites. I don’t post often (though you can find some of mine in the Toy Gaming and Naval sections atm, under the name). But I browse the message area frequently for ideas and inspiration.


      1. Strangely I haven’t spent much time yet on The Miniatures Page TMP – hopefully this will change and I will get around to registering, exploring the site and taking part.
        I do take part in the Little Wars Revisited 54mm gaming forum from time to time and the Peter Laing Collectors 15mm MeWe circle.

        Thanks for the tips on where the toy soldier gaming discussions are on TMP.


    2. Alan
      I was curious to see where this spike came from, after a comical little WordPress message saying that my “Stats were Booming!” Maybe not booming but we are in a niche hobby.
      I hope the sight of Vintage Airfix and cheap plastic ‘trains in a tin’ will inspire many people. They inspire me. I do like seeing them painted and based up like ‘proper’ metal figures. Shame more of the Airfix historical figures are not available / affordable for the next generation.
      The Miniatures Page TMP is not something I have explored much yet.


      1. Ha! That’s great, hopefully it might generate a few regular followers too. That Armand has steered a few ‘booming stats’ my way as well before now (my Holkham Horses are up there as we speak). His enthusiasm for other blogs and their content is clear to see. What a nice guy. Armand, if you’re reading this – we say ‘merci beaucoup’!


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