Star Trek Cart … to boldly go etc.


As everyone goes a little Apollo 11 crazy, here is my contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the Man on the Moon.

A star trek cart … for pioneers … to boldly go etc. etc …

well it’s not a million miles from the Apollo 15 1971 space buggies.

In place of the usual scout trek cart that I posted about here:

here is my ‘star trek cart’ with my 32mm space trooper conversions from Pound Store Plastic penny figures and Le Toy Van rocket.

No doubt it would have been far more sensible to post pictures of Airfix’s famous Astronauts recently reissued in their Vintage Classics: 


Posted 50 years after Apollo 11 Eagle moon landing by Mark Man of TIN on 20/21 July 2019

7 thoughts on “Star Trek Cart … to boldly go etc.”

    1. Aha! The MET – truly a Star trek cart. The Airfix Astronauts Lunar rover was also sort of accurate for 1971. Some of the other equipment with them never sort of happened.
      Classic footage on the YouTube clips. Still an amazing achievement …. and huge bravery and heroism.


  1. Ahh. The Clangers … happy days! Not seen the recent remake. Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin – genius (plural)! Genii?
    The Noggin the Nog kickstarter, there’s whim-dark or whimsical fantasy for you. Did you back this?


    1. I backed the first one and the figures are beautiful, l resisted the board game one and the second figure release. I really like what Allan Tidmarsh did in one of his blogs where he used commercially available figures and converted them to tell the story.
      Finally, when my family were young l introduced them to Noggin. They were terrified of Nogbad and wouldn’t watch on !

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