New Prince August Flats 60mm Queens Guards Moulds


New at Prince August the curiously sized 60mm and flat Queen’s  Guards mould

They look quite charming. I like these poses – marching, firing, advancing, bayonet drill –  but not sure yet if I will order any. Are they going to produce any more 60mm flat figures?


Other old plastic Crescent 60mm semi flat figures or older large metal flats up to 60mm could be drafted in as opposition.

Like I need a new size of soldiers to collect. Resisting shiny. Resisting shiny.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 22 July 2019

5 thoughts on “New Prince August Flats 60mm Queens Guards Moulds”

  1. Over the years, I keep very nearly acquiring some flat figures but ultimately change my mind or get outbid etc. Later I come to my senses and think that I really don’t need another sideline. Then some blogger goes and shares pics of Prince August’s range of guardsmen and it starts all over again…


  2. I am intrigued by this release and wonder what they will produce next. I too have too many ideas/ projects floating around and accusing me from the lead mountain. Not to mention the 009 Railway l would love to do ! It is tempting but I personally would hold off until the range develops a little.


  3. I’ve been printing paper flats from the JuniorGeneral site, thinking of using them to run some Portable Wargame rules on our chessboards. I’m mounting them on binder clips – they stand up pretty well.

    I ran a small game of Featherstone’s skirmish rules today; the eight-year-olds I roped in got the hand of planning and writing their simultaneous 5-second-phase moves pretty quickly. Hoping to run a game for the adult gaming club next month.


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