Dapol Gangs

Interesting use by the WargamingPastor for a Close Wars rules inspired “urban gang” skirmish variation on the Troops vs Natives in cluttered terrain rules, using the attractive 1980s old Airfix Trackside figures. These are still available from Dapol : https://www.dapol.co.uk/shop/model-accessories/self-assembly-oo-kits


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, well not very long in a blogging sense, some go dead for months between posts, but it’s certainly been longer than I would have liked. I’ve been floundering somewhat, butterflying from project to project and not making a huge amount of headway. I’ve been chipping away at the bits I need to get done over the next month for Armies on Parade at my local Games Workshop, I’ve also been painting 1/72 Vietcong for a Vietnam project that took me by surprise. Not to mention the fantasy bashing that’s still going on in the background. Then this happened to me…

Scrounging through boxes and cupboards I found some OO Gauge Dapol Workmen and remembered buying them for some 20th century British street gang skirmishing, all worktools, knives and lobbing bricks instead of guns, guns and more guns like their American counterparts. The figures…

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3 thoughts on “Dapol Gangs”

  1. Thanks for the share! I’ve also been eyeing up some dapol plastic buildings to spruce up the battlefield a bit. I’ve also seen Policemen for a little riot game and Scouts which you might find useful.


    1. A fine looking game and classic figures which I thought worth sharingor reblogging.

      The old Airfix railway buildings from Dapol are very good, adaptable and affordable.

      I feel you definitely need some Dapol Airfix Platform figures Bobbies to restore order.


    2. Lledo ‘Days Gone By’ and Matchbox etc do very cheap diecast 00 gauge period lorries and horse drawn waggons, very cheap, even with boxes, about 2 to 3 pounds each or less.
      The other building alternative is the print yourself or buy card terrace houses. Peco have some good urban brick industrial and terrace village streets backing papers.


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